One of the main questions I get from people is: how to keep people on my site once they land? With pinterest driving first time visitors through the analytic roof, having good content and wonderful photos is a start, but it’s also important to learn how people interact with your site. I’m sure you’ve been to a site before where it’s difficult to navigate through and find things- it’s a pain and often leaves me to not come back to the site. By looking at your own site like this and using one key google analytics tool, you can learn about user interaction.

The goal is to keep the bounce rate low and the pageviews high!
Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics


First, log into your google analytics and navigate down the lefthand side to “content” and then click In-Page Analytics.

Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics

What pops up is your site with all the things people click on your site. As you can see, my home page, “home” is the most used button with blog and recipes in the navigation as a distant second. I originally didn’t have “home” in the navigation because my header is also linked to the homepage- sometimes it is good to have both.

Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics

What’s also great about the in-page analytics is once you’ve clicked on the “in-page” tab in your analytics, you can then leave analytics and go directly to your site and a handy toolbar at the top pops up and you still get the analytical data. The numbers in the top are also directly related just to the page you are on (which is also a nice way to see how many people use pages like home/recipes).

Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics

You can also click on different pages and post to see the statistical data on those specific pages/posts too. This will help determine once people are on a post, how do they navigate and stay on your site.

Google Analytics: In-Page Analytics

For the color inclined, you can also show the statistical data with colors too!

I find this extremely helpful when determining what kinds of items should go in the sidebar, what links should be in the navigation bar, and how well plug-ins fare over others. While this is based highly on trial and error, it’s nice to have a tool that can help you along the way!


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