meet the team

wsk_mugIt all started over a cup of coffee in the northern suburbs of Chicago. Erin and Melissa sat down, cup in hand, timidly waiting for the right moment to ask their questions.

“Melissa, can you help me design a logo for my blog?” Funny she asked. “Erin, can you help me migrate my blog over to And explain what hosting means? Are we talking dinner?” We were both stuck without each others help, paralyzed with where to take our blogs next. As the caffeine began flowing and the pens began scribbling on the craft colored napkins, Wooden Spoons Kitchen was born. That was early 2012.

A couple years later, and we’re focusing on what we do best—designing websites for bloggers and small businesses. Afterall, we’re bloggers and small business owners too. We get it. Your issues are our issues. Naturally, we found our niche in food, though we’re not partial to other genres (as you’ll talk kitchen shop with us).


Melissa Coleman, Designer

Melissa likes her coffee hand ground, meals full of veggies, and dessert around 9 pm (every night).

Erin Alderson, Developer

Erin likes her chai lattes spicy, growing her own fruits/veggies, and only the flakiest of croissants.