We figured it was time to catch up on all things Wooden Spoons related here on the blog. The radio silence can only be attributed to a crazy time of working with a ton of new clients, Melissa moving from Connecticut to Minnesota and I was finishing up my second cookbook. It’s been a busy summer!

In the past few months, we launched a few great sites and we hope you will check them out! I’m on my way to Minneapolis next week which means tons of brainstorming time with Melissa. We’re about to enter our third year of business (whoo!) and can’t wait to share some of the amazing projects we’re working on right now (more blogs, business, and a couple restaurants!) For now, be sure to check out our most recent projects! And, if you’re on the fence and thinking about wanting to work with us- be sure to send us an email! We’re currently booked through mid-February!
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Pulled Together

It’s safe to say, we love our clients. Each site brings new ideas, inspirations, and challenges. In the past few weeks we had the pleasure of launching two new sites, each with a new spin for us! We really enjoyed working with both of these talented ladies to build two unique sites!

We worked with Bree on her beautiful food blog, Baked Bree, so when she came back to us for her one-on-one sessions, we were so excited! Our goal was to create a warm and welcoming site while keeping a few elements similar across both her brands. We couldn’t be happier with how her site looks and we’re excited to see her grow her business!


Be sure to pop over,  take a look , and follow her blog- so many good insights!

Up next: City Cookin‘. When Stephanie approached us about her idea for starting a blog that focused on short, one-minute videos and favorite restaurant dishes all with a New York flare- we couldn’t wait to get started! You might have already seen her work on The Kitchn and now you can follow along on City Cookin’.


Head over, say “hi”, and bookmark some awesome recipes she has already posted (we’re personally excited about the Levain Bakery Chocolate Chip Banana Bread!)

Even though the months are set, January always comes quickly after the holidays. This month has flown by and we have four gorgeous launches to show for it! We loved working with each and everyone of these clients and have had such a wonderful start to the year! Be sure to pop over to each and everyone of the sites and say “hi!”

Tracey's Culinary Adventures
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Wondering what else we have coming? Be sure to follow along on facebook and/or twitter- we’ve got a new crop of beautiful sites coming soon! Want a new site for yourself? Send us an inquiry!

When working from home (or, even working a lot from home- even if it’s not your day job), I think it’s important to create a space that spurs creativity and feels warm/inviting. I’m always on a mission to improve my workspace and I recently decided to do a sweeping overhaul (all thanks to see this image of IKEA’s new line.) While the products are lovely, I actually fell in love with the dowel rack showcasing the items. Without fail, I always end up with props shoved into closets and cupboards in some horrible mess. I decided to turn my office into a new space that I could not only work in, but have storage that added to the room. Below are the before and after photos of what I did (and I have to say, this pinterest board has me wanting studio space one day!)

Do you have a favorite part to your home office? Any good studio/office inspiration pins/boards- I’d love to hear!

The Before:

Office/Studio Spaces
Office/Studio Spaces
While the office was starting to feel more like home, there were a couple things I knew I wanted to change. I wanted more storage and eventually a stand-up desk (but the ones I had my eye on were anywhere from $2000 upwards of $4000- whew!) And so, a couple trips to target and one trip to IKEA resulted in a brand new look (for under $400!)

The After:

Office/Studio Spaces
Office/Studio Spaces
Office/Studio Spaces
Office/Studio Spaces

Office/Studio Spaces

• The standing desk was put together with three key ingredients: This IKEA Kitchen Cart ($100), a 47″ long white table top ($15), and 1 4×4 piece of lumber to bring the desk up to a good height ($8) all joined together with 6 5″ long screws. I was also eyeing this IKEA island (nearly went with this one) and this one as well (I’d love this one for a communal workspace with a large table top.) However, I wanted to do this fairly cheap (just incase I didn’t end up liking it.) However, so far, I’m really loving it!

• The bookshelf is also IKEA (for $60).  The one I have isn’t sold online, but this is the smaller version!

• The chair (for those times I don’t feel like standing) is a tall bar stool from Target (and so comfortable!)

• The rack was built from 3, 1×2′s and a mix of 6′ and 3′ long 1/2″ dowels. This projects was super simple (measure holes and drill with bit that is slightly larger than the dowel size). For now I left it unpainted and not secured together. I also snagged a few hooks and caddies from IKEA that are meant for hanging items in your kitchen!